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Specializing in Construction Financing and Private Mortgages

Welcome builders, renovators and general contractors to I Finance Construction. We specialize in construction financing with 30 years experience as a general contractor in the GTA. We understand project concerns from your point of view. I know that your sub-trades need to get paid on time. I also know how hard it is to keep construction on schedule with your draw requests. I take that into consideration when we draft your draw requests. The construction loan is the riskiest loan you will ever borrow. That’s why it’s really important that your broker has a full understanding of construction when they represent you in the loan process. First lets start with the loans that are considered “construction loans”.
construction financing

  • Infill Construction loans: For small builders buying and selling small residential projects
  • Land Purchase loans: Raw land, partially developed or un-serviced.
  • Renovation loans: Small projects fixing up an older home.
  • Bridge Loans: Loans that bridge the current construction loan that is no longer advancing at the end.
  • Takeout Loans: Loans that will payout construction financing.

These are my promises to you when I put together your project loan;

  • I will represent you to the lender till the project is finished and the lender is paid out;
  • The commitment will be on YOUR terms for the best possible relationship with your lender;
  • The draws will work out they way you have set up the project with your sub-trades;
  • THE LENDER WILL ADVANCE, I usually work with the same lenders because I know they are trustworthy.

One of the biggest risks you have is securing a commitment with a trustworthy lender who will honour the commitment and advance the draws as stated in the loan commitment. Although you may be really concerned about soft costs, ie: cost of borrowing and fees, your biggest concern should be that the loan performs without headaches. I have a proven track record working with lenders that are excellent.