Why Choose I Finance Construction?

I have been directly involved in general contracting and new construction in Toronto for the past 30 years. I bring this experience to your project. 

This is the process that I go through with my clients when I package your loan request:

  • The first discussion is about your location, budget, available credit with suppliers and cash on hand. Many of my clients are out of pocket soft costs and haven’t got a lot of cash to put in and the hard cost budget ends up being funded 100%;
  • I prepare an “Executive Summary” that I send to the lender. I keep it as brief as possible and I include in the information the most pertinent details that I know they will be looking for to approve the loan;
  • I will then work with you (after we have a conditional approval) to determine your draws and your budget for the commitment.
  • If you don’t have cash to start the draws, I will arrange for a 2nd or 3rd mortgage to act like a line of credit for you or I will write the commitment so the trades will be paid directly when the work is in place, completed and passed inspection.